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Mobile Surveillance Monitoring

Protecting What's Important To You

Mobile surveillance is a flexible solution for many property owners, including those operating temporary work sites, construction sites, and other outdoor remote locations.


MidPoint Mobile Surveillance Trailers are capable of autonomous operation for significant periods and are powered by the very latest in innovative solar technology. Our rugged solar-powered trailers provide the security you need; utilizing remote video monitoring to track, identify, and evaluate suspicious activity backed by our own Security Operation Center professionals who act as a virtual security guards. With advanced analytics and motion alert capabilities, your property is under watchful eye 24/7.

Perfect for construction sites and renovation projects where electricity is not available or limited to specific location

Our units are entirely portable and can be delivered to nearly any site. We offer 360-degree coverage fully monitorable in real-time by our Security Operation Center who will be alerted and will respond immediately to address any suspicious activities.

Short-term or Long-term Usage

The unit is available as long as you need it!

Highly Visible!
Units are a deterrent to theft & vandalism

Protects you from vandals, thieves, & trespassers

Record Evidence 24/7

Monitor deliveries & workers

Protect unattended equipment & supplies

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Flexibility & Mobility

Our mobile surveillance trailer is a self-contained security solution that can be moved to different locations as your project requirements change. The presence of a mobile surveillance trailer can help reduce crime and vandalism, keeping your employees safe and protect your investments.

Built-in Cellular Modem

Provides GPS Tracking and battery monitoring

Solar Powered
No diesel engine to fuel

Compact self-contained unit - maneuverable and easy to deploy

Fully customizable to meet your job site requirements

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Security is imperative for any business and every business owner who wants a safe, comfortable, and productive working environment for their staff. This includes keeping employees accountable for their work and actions, as well as deterring theft and other adverse events.

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