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Security System Health Monitoring

Quick remote troubleshooting
Eliminate truck rolls & reduce costs
Visibility on all devices’ health & performance
Continuous monitoring devices abnormalities
Instant Real-time Alert Notifications
Optimize Productivity

Security System Health Monitoring is a service and managed by MidPoint Technology Group that remotely monitors physical security network performance of any IP based security system such as:

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Continuously scans the security network for status, activity, and performance of every IP security device and application


Common Problems Identified by Security System Health Monitoring

Camera Not Recording

Security System Health Monitoring solves this challenge by knowing the baseline normal data flow for each camera. If normally during a specific time of day the camera would be producing data and now there is no significant data, it is likely the camera has been blocked or corrupted. Security System Health Monitoring will send an immediate alert to the Security team or to the users that action is needed immediately.

Camera Configuration Issues

Often, security camera users forget to check on the camera’s setting. The security camera’s full capability can just be not yet set up from the setting. Some features may be on default, and some might need enabling. A higher-than-expected bandwidth reading, or data flow level can be indicative of a misconfigured camera. This type of information would normally not be visible to video system users, but it is visible through System Health Monitoring.

CPU Performance

The performance of your CPU — the “brain” of your PC — has a major impact on the speed at which programs load and how smoothly they run. Our Security System Health Monitoring detects heavy CPU utilization before it impacts system performance.

Available Memory

If you’re often seeing the “Your computer is low on memory” error message, it's something you can't just ignore. Some apps may not work right, and your PC will become slow and unresponsive with insufficient RAM available. System Health Monitoring identifies when low memory is available on a server endangering application performance. The result can be lost video scenarios, data loss, failed applications, or a complete system crash.

Hard Drive Health

Hard drive failure symptoms can quickly lead to major problems, necessary action is needed immediately to save your files and prevent any data from being lost. System Health Monitoring identifies when hard drives reach unacceptable temperatures, are low on capacity, or are in pre-failure state and need to be replaced.

Insufficient Power Supply

When security systems experience video loss on all cameras at the same time, or signal loss on some devices, it is more likely that the power supply has failed or there is insufficient power. System Health Monitoring identifies when the available UPS back-up battery power falls below a pre-configured target level.

Provides real time and automated alerts

Security System Health Monitoring can alert you via:



SMS Text

Audible Alarms

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MidPoint provides 24/7 monitoring of your physical security network to quickly identify and respond to any potential equipment issues. Our System Health Monitoring can help to reduce downtime of devices.

By proactively monitoring your systems and implementing best practices for maintenance and security, MidPoint can help to ensure that your systems are always up and running for an overall safety & protection of your assets & customers.

As a result, you can focus on running your business rather than worrying about whether your security systems are up & running.

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