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Total Security Solution

Our dynamic remote video monitoring systems proactively alert our security operation center to potential threats and efficiently stops crimes before they occur.

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Learn how our multi-layered security defense system can help save lives in a potential active shooter situation.

Gain peace of mind by taking steps to ensure the safety of your loved ones, colleagues, and community members.



Maintaining safety and security is an essential factor for the continued success of a business. On-site security guards are typically employed by property owners and managers to be physically present during non-business hours, and often overnight. However, hiring a security guard can be expensive and requires continuous training and supervision. This quickly becomes cost-prohibitive, and it still isn’t possible for guards to monitor every perimeter of a property at once.


With remote video surveillance, MidPoint can protect your business by providing real-time security camera monitoring which ensures that any suspicious activity is detected and addressed in a timely manner. Not only can this deter crime, but it also assists in the investigation of incidents that may occur on your property. Our solutions offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional on-site security guards, while reducing incidents and providing better coverage.

Our Services

Our comprehensive array of customized services is suited to effectively meet your location’s operational and security needs.

Why Choose MidPoint Monitoring?

Reduce theft, vandalism, break-ins, and vagrant loitering

Theft, vandalism, and other property crimes can put a hold on operations and affect your business as a whole. Our Security Operation Center (SOC) is capable of taking decisive action and tracking unauthorized intrusion. Our SOC Team can raise an alert to local authorities immediately preventing crimes and theft.

Did you know?

Legs of a Criminal
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According to the FBI, property crime is the most common type of crime committed and reported in the US.


Crimes against property constituted an overwhelming 60.5% of the overall 8.9 million crimes reported in 2020, according to a December 2021 report.

This form of crime typically includes property & motor vehicle theft, burglary, arson and vandalism and costs companies $17.2 billion in losses annually.

Property Crime

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Catalytic converters are being stolen at increasingly higher rates due to their valuable metals such as rhodium, platinum, and palladium.


Thieves can easily steal catalytic converters from unattended vehicles, and since catalytic converters are not readily traceable, there is a lucrative market for these stolen parts.


These thefts are costing millions of dollars to businesses and individual vehicle owners alike.

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise

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Squatters can be a huge nuisance for commercial real estate owners.  Not only can squatters cause damage to your property and lower its quality or value, but they can also jeopardize your ownership rights. 


If squatters take up residence on your commercial property, you may be legally required to treat them as tenants and give them notice for eviction, even if they are trespassing.  If they live there long enough, they could even adversely possess your property.

Squatters moving in

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Valuable CPC modules within the trucks are hot on the black market. A CPC, or Common Powertrain Controller, is considered the brain of the truck – controls vital engine and powertrain functions.

CPC modules and the microchips in them contain precious metals that are highly prized on the black market, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and more.

Rise in CPC module thefts from semi-trucks

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Security is imperative for any business and every business owner who wants a safe, comfortable, and productive working environment for their staff. This includes keeping employees accountable for their work and actions, as well as deterring theft and other adverse events.

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