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Active Shooter

Prevention and Mitigation Program

MidPoint Technology Group has unveiled their highly anticipated new Active Shooter Prevention Program, which aims to provide comprehensive measures and strategies to mitigate the threats of active shooter incidents. With the expertise of active shooter prevention expert Chris Grollnek, this program offers a proactive and multi-layered approach to creating a safer environment for businesses, people, and our communities.

The Prevention & Mitigation Program developed by MidPoint Technology Group incorporates early detection and response protocols, giving the leadership and sales team the tools and knowledge needed to effectively respond to and prevent active shooter situations.

By partnering with the leading active shooter prevention organization, Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC., MidPoint Technology Group ensures that their program is backed by industry-leading research and best practices. The program emphasizes the importance of multi-layered perimeter security defense, as well as the implementation of advanced technologies to enhance safety and security.

With the introduction of this groundbreaking program, MidPoint Technology Group continues to solidify its position as an innovative integrator committed to safeguarding the well-being of their employees and customers.

Understanding the Need for Multi-Layer Security Defense

The Importance of Early Detection in Active Shooter Prevention

Active shooter incidents have become a serious concern in our society, posing a threat to the safety and security of individuals in public places such as schools, businesses, and even places of worship. In recent years, the frequency and severity of these incidents have increased, and it has become more important than ever to have effective measures in place to prevent such occurrences.

Multi-layered security technologies provide defense against active shooters by creating barriers to breach the perimeter. Utilizing advanced early detection analytics and perimeter security measures, these technologies offer both reactive and proactive protection. They buy time for responders and enable swift responses to any threat.

Our Services

Business Meeting


MidPoint A.P.T. Rating

An invaluable tool that helps organizations gauge their preparedness in the event of an active shooter incident. This rating system provides an objective assessment of the vulnerabilities in a facility and can help identify areas of risk that can lead to better safety and security.


Comprehensive Training Exercises and Seminars

Full-scale training exercises and customized scenario drills to ensure preparedness for any crisis and evaluate an organization's readiness on active shooting incidents.


Vulnerability Threat Assessment

An evaluation of your organization's operation & systems to identify any potential threats & vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.


Active Shooter Prevention Technologies

Multi-layered security technologies for defense against active shooters and create barriers for them to breach the perimeter using advanced early detection analytics and perimeter security measures help to protect your facility with both reactive and proactive measures, buying time for responders and quickly responding to any threat.


Real-time Surveillance Monitoring

Remote surveillance monitoring that proactively alerts our Security Operation Center to potential threats and efficiently stops crime before it occurs.


Security Network System Health Monitoring

Detects, in real-time, the health, performance, and failures across all of your security inventory to ensure all security systems are always 100% operational to prevent risks.


Security Grant Assessment

A grant-specific program that assists organizations to receive funding for purchasing security equipment with available government grants.

Working Together We Can Make a Difference: Join Us to Save Lives

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