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Meet Becky Goudy, a National Account Executive who plays a pivotal role in empowering secu

Sandra Krager

Vice President 

The Corporate Storyteller: Bridging Expertise and Communication at Vunetrix


Meet Sandra Krager, a dedicated researcher and communication aficionado, seamlessly weaving Vunetrix's vision, mission, guiding principles, and core values into every facet of the business. With a profound understanding of agnostic health monitoring across diverse sectors, including schools, municipalities, ports of entry, and enterprise businesses, Sandra's role is pivotal in shaping Vunetrix's narrative.


A Fusion of Strategy and Connection


Sandra's expertise transcends conventional boundaries, crafting ingenious sales and marketing strategies that forge connections between the team and partners who share the company's core values. Her strategic approach resonates perfectly with Vunetrix's Network Monitor and array of tools and services, ensuring that customers find tailored solutions that align with their needs.


Harnessing Over 25 Years of Experience


With an impressive track record spanning more than two decades in sales and marketing, Sandra curates educational content that goes beyond informative – it engenders trust in Vunetrix's unparalleled expertise. Her insights empower customers to make informed purchasing decisions, ultimately reinforcing both physical and electronic security measures.


A Catalyst for Strengthened Security


Sandra's role as a storyteller extends beyond words; she's a catalyst for heightened security. By skillfully communicating Vunetrix's prowess in agnostic health monitoring, she bolsters the trust that customers place in the company. With Sandra at the helm, Vunetrix isn't just providing solutions – it's fostering relationships built on trust, innovation, and a shared commitment to security excellence.


In the realm of agnostic health monitoring, Sandra bridges expertise and communication, ensuring that Vunetrix's impact resonates across sectors and clientele. With her at the forefront, the journey towards comprehensive security solutions becomes not only efficient but also deeply rooted in trust and collaboration.

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