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Meet Becky Goudy, a National Account Executive who plays a pivotal role in empowering secu

Rick Shaw

CEO & Founder of Awareity

Rick Shaw's journey towards becoming the CEO, Founder, and The First Preventers Prevention Platform Officer of Awareity began with a solid foundation of education and experience. With a passion for Active Shooter Prevention and risk prevention, Rick pursued a career path that would allow him to make a significant impact in the field of security awareness.

Throughout his career, Rick actively sought opportunities to expand his expertise in security awareness and risk prevention. With a mission to prevent incidents before they occur, he understood that proactive measures were key to effectively addressing the ever-evolving landscape of security risks. Awareity was established as a comprehensive platform that would enable organizations to connect the dots between warning signs, behavior patterns, and potential threats.

Rick's vision for Awareity was not only to provide a technological solution but also to create a cultural shift in how organizations approach security awareness. Awareity's platform empowers individuals to take an active role in prevention, allowing them to report concerns, collaborate with team members, and share vital information.

The genesis of Awareity was driven by his unwavering commitment to saving lives and protecting communities. Through his innovative thinking and dedication, Awareity has become a pioneering force in Active Shooter Prevention, revolutionizing the way organizations approach security awareness and ensuring a safer future for all.

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