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The First Preventers Prevention Platform

Awareity has been selected by the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC to be an integral part of the complete ASPP PRO solution. Its dedication to enhancing safety and security perfectly complements ASPP's comprehensive approach. In collaboration, we are revolutionizing security measures, establishing novel benchmarks, and providing a safer future for everyone.

At MidPoint, we are dedicated to providing the best active shooter prevention technologies for communities everywhere. We understand the need for pre-incident prevention strategies to protect citizens from potential tragedy.

Our platform offers an innovative solution to this problem. Our platform collects valuable information from multiple agencies and social media platforms, connecting the dots to provide comprehensive information that can help to prevent active shooter incidents from even happening. With this platform, communities can improve their prevention strategies and better protect their citizens.

Understanding the Active Shooter Threat Awareness

Limitations of Traditional Prevention Strategies

How the First Preventers Prevention Platform Works

Active shooter incidents have become a growing concern in our society, posing significant threats to our safety and security. According to a recent study by the FBI, active shooter incidents have increased over the years, with 30% of these incidents occurring in K-12 schools and higher education institutions.

Despite the growing awareness of the threat, organizations and communities face numerous challenges and barriers in preventing active shooter incidents. One of the most significant barriers is identifying and addressing the warning signs and grievances of at-risk individuals. This includes identifying potential stressors and fears that may lead to violent behavior.

The First Preventers Prevention Platform, developed by Awareity, is the missing solution in failed preventions. By collecting and connecting information from multiple agencies and social media platforms, the platform enables collaboration of many people, including community leaders, to take the right actions in preventing active shooter incidents. This approach has been successful in healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions, helping save lives and promote safety.

As unfortunate as it is, active shooter incidents have become all too common in today’s society. To prevent such incidents from occurring, various traditional prevention strategies have been developed and implemented in various institutions. However, these strategies have their limitations, especially in K-12 institutions.

One of the primary limitations is the focus on a single prevention approach. Many schools rely solely on physical security measures, such as metal detectors and locked doors. While these measures can help prevent entry of potential shooters, they don't address the root causes of why these individuals may want to carry out an attack in the first place.

Another limitation is the lack of information sharing between institutions and law enforcement agencies. While individual schools may have prevention strategies in place, they may not be sharing critical information with other schools in the district or with local law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, traditional prevention strategies tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Many of these strategies focus on responding to an active shooter incident after it has already occurred, rather than preventing it from happening.

To truly improve active shooter prevention strategies, a more comprehensive approach is necessary. This is where a community-wide connecting the dots platform comes in, as it addresses the limitations of traditional prevention strategies by gathering valuable information from multiple agencies and social media platforms to provide a more comprehensive picture of potential threats.

The platform collects information from multiple sources, including social media platforms and law enforcement agencies, to provide a comprehensive view of potential threats in the community. This approach helps to identify red flags before they escalate into active shooter incidents.

This platform is particularly relevant to K-12 schools, which are unfortunately often targeted by active shooters. The Community-wide Connecting the Dots Platform provides valuable information to school officials, teachers, and parents, allowing them to be vigilant and take proactive steps to ensure student safety.

Furthermore, the platform is not limited to the organization like other silo systems, which means it can be accessed by all stakeholders and outside resources including law enforcement, local/state government, mental health, and other intervention resources.


The Butterfly Effect

Infographic and overview of the unique Awareity First Preventers Prevention Platform and how it is eliminating common gaps, silos, disconnects, and blind spots that have existed in nearly every school shooting. 


For example, almost all had pre-incident indicators, school/community sources who observed the indicators, incident reporting options that were utilized to report indicators, and school/community resources that were available to intervene and prevent. 


Unfortunately without the central Prevention Platform, the information, the sources and the resources were not connected and appropriate intervention and other pre-incident prevention actions were not taken.

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