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Kim Marsh

Active Threat Programs and Solutions Executive

With a solid foundation of education and early career experiences, Kim Marsh has built a remarkable expertise in security and crisis management. Throughout her career, Marsh has shown an unwavering commitment to providing education and helping institutions prepare for and respond to critical incidents. Her experience in security consulting has allowed her to collaborate with various organizations, enhancing their safety and security measures. Through this collaboration, Marsh has developed a keen eye for identifying vulnerabilities and implementing effective solutions. 

Marsh's hands-on experience, combined with her educational background, has equipped her with a unique skill set to tackle the complex challenges of active shooter prevention. Her deep understanding of safety and security dynamics, coupled with her commitment to safeguarding communities, make her an invaluable asset to the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC team.

Through her expertise and passion, Marsh is at the forefront of shaping the field of active shooter prevention, ensuring that institutions and individuals are prepared to handle critical incidents and protect those in their care.

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