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Gunshot Detection System


Gunshot detection system has been selected by the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC to be an integral part of the complete ASPP PRO solution. Its dedication to enhancing safety and security perfectly complements ASPP's comprehensive approach. In collaboration, we are revolutionizing security measures, establishing novel benchmarks, and providing a safer future for everyone.

MidPoint Technology Group is proud to announce its partnership with EAGL Technology, a leading provider of gun shot detection systems. This strategic alliance will provide customers with the best-in-class solutions for increased safety and security. With EAGL and MidPoint leading the way in innovation and collaboration, these solutions are making a significant impact on public safety.

Gun shot detection systems offer numerous benefits in enhancing safety and security in various environments. One of the key benefits of gun shot detection systems is their ability to quickly detect and locate gunshots. This enables faster response times, allowing law enforcement, MidPoint Security Operation Center, and all stakeholders to promptly assess the situation and initiate appropriate actions.


The integration of gun shot detection systems with other security technologies, such as surveillance cameras and access control systems, will further enhance overall safety measures. The seamless integration of these technologies will enable a more comprehensive approach to security, allowing for proactive response efforts and a more efficient allocation of resources.

Gunshot detection system utilizes waveform analysis algorithms to accurately identify gunshots and distinguish them from other loud noises. This advanced technology ensures that alerts are only triggered when an actual threat is detected, reducing false alarms and improving overall response efficiency.

How it works

Once a gunshot is detected, the system sends an immediate alert to the security operation center and performing adaptive response enabling swift and coordinated response efforts. Additionally, mass notification capabilities can be activated, alerting individuals in the vicinity to take necessary precautions.

Introducing the newest product:



Locking Doors...
E911 Sent...
Text Notification Sent...
Email Notification Sent...
Start Voice Calls...
Playing PA Announcements...

Our dedication to delivering innovative solutions, combined with our collaboration with industry leaders like EAGL Technology, sets us apart in providing unparalleled safety and security to our community.

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