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Gun Detection System

Gun threat detection has been selected by the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC to be an integral part of the complete ASPP PRO solution. Its dedication to enhancing safety and security perfectly complements ASPP's comprehensive approach. In collaboration, we are revolutionizing security measures, establishing novel benchmarks, and providing a safer future for everyone.


Early threat detection is crucial in preventing tragedy. By using advanced surveillance and AI-powered monitoring software, this early gun detection solution can identify gun threats within a building or designated area.

Omnilert, in partnership with MidPoint Technology Group, provides active shooter prevention technologies that help protect lives in the event of an emergency. Omnilert Gun Detect uses artificial intelligence and existing security cameras to detect guns within a building, exterior or designated area and alert people quickly and efficiently. This is a game-changer in the fight against active shooter events and will help ensure the safety of people in public places. With their expertise and resources, they are revolutionizing the way we address the threat of active shooters. This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds: MidPoint’s state-of-the-art surveillance technology and Omnilert’s advanced AI-powered monitoring software.

The partnership recognizes the importance of human verification in gun detection technology. While AI algorithms play a vital role in identifying potential threats, human verification adds an extra layer of accuracy and reliability. This is where MidPoint’s Security Operation Center come into place. By combining the power of AI with human expertise, technology becomes even more effective in identifying and responding to active shooter situations.

Take action now and join the fight against this senseless act of violence. Implementing gun detection technology is a crucial step towards creating a safer and more secure workplace or school environment.

How it works

Omnilert Gun Detect uses advanced AI algorithms to detect the presence of a gun in a specific area. The moment a gun is detected, an alert is immediately sent to specific stakeholders and to our Security Operation Center which will do alarm verification. This will result in an immediate alert to law enforcement, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively.

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Share intelligence broadly through emergency alerts with comprehensive multi-channel communications – beyond mass text, email and voice to mobile safety apps, social media, signage, alarms and access control systems.

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Gain further intelligence through mass engagement during critical events. Small teams can engage with large audiences by easily and iteratively dividing users into targeted groups and sending them relevant information.

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Activate entire series of emergency communications, actions and safety systems with a simple click or touch of a button. Remove the confusion of emergency response through rich, pre-planned scenarios

Emergency Mass Notification Systems

A mobile safety app is an important extension of an organization’s communications strategy. The prevalence of mobile devices provides additional reach in an emergency situation, while mobile apps provide powerful new capabilities to help subscribers and manage critical incidents.


Protect your community and loved ones with the most advanced threat detection technology available.

Contact us today and take a step towards a safer future.

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