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Gilles Blanc

CEO of Aqsacom

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Gilles Blanc is the brilliant mind behind Aqsacom and the innovative smart evacuation platform that is revolutionizing emergency response. Aqsacom is a technology company specializing in developing cutting-edge solutions for public safety and security. Under Gilles' leadership as CEO, Aqsacom has become a driving force in creating advanced technologies to protect lives and enhance public safety.

Gilles' expertise lies in software engineering and machine learning, which he has utilized to create a groundbreaking smart evacuation platform. This platform leverages the power of geolocation and real-time data to provide accurate and up-to-date information during emergencies. By expediting response times and efficiently guiding the evacuation process, Gilles' platform has the potential to save countless lives.

Aqsacom's partnership with MidPoint Technology Group has been a crucial step in bringing the smart evacuation platform to a wider audience. Through this collaboration, the Active Shooter Prevention Solution has been developed, which integrates the smart evacuation platform with MidPoint's expertise in security and threat prevention. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the growing concerns regarding active threats and ensures the safety of individuals in various environments, such as educational institutions.

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