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MidPoint Active Shooter Prevention and Mitigation Program


What's your MidPoint A.P.T. Rating?

Feel free to take the MidPoint preliminary scoring app, which provides a convenient method for promptly assessing a facility's level of security proactiveness.

The MidPoint Active Shooter Prevention and Mitigation Program is not just a comprehensive solution for facilities, it is also a critical initiative to ensure that lives are saved in the event of an active shooter situation. With the MidPoint A.P.T. rating, security officers and facility managers can assess their current security technologies, preparedness, and awareness to determine potential areas of vulnerabilities.


At MidPoint, we understand that prevention and mitigation are crucial to stopping these senseless acts of violence. That's why we offer a full assessment that allows us to recommend the types of technologies and services necessary for a facility to be proactive. From enhanced surveillance systems to active shooter drills, our team of experts can help facilities prevent these tragedies from occurring.


By promoting proactive measures, we hope to prevent active shooter situations before they even happen. It is our goal to help all facilities become more aware, more prepared, and more secure, so that they can focus on what matters most: protecting their people.


Join the #SaveLives movement with MidPoint Active Shooter Prevention and Mitigation Program. Together, we can work towards a safer tomorrow.

Ready to get started?


Pre-Walk (Soft Questions)

Our Pre-Walk Questions allows our team to get a high-level understanding of your current security system and will be used to make our on-site assessment more efficient.


On-Site Assessment

Our on-site assessments involve taking a closer into your current surveillance and security systems and identifying deficiencies of coverage areas in the perimeter of the facility and as well as interior coverage. These systems provide an important role of detecting potential threats.


MidPoint A.P.T. Consultation

By combining the results of the pre-walk & on-site assessments, MidPoint can provide you with a holistic understanding of your security needs, identify potential vulnerabilities, and help formulate a comprehensive plan to optimize active shooter prevention measures.

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