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Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Expert 

Principal and Founder of Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC

Meet Our Respected Partner: Chris Grollnek - A Vanguard in Active Shooter Prevention


In the ever-evolving landscape of active shooter prevention, expertise is the compass guiding us toward safer shores. At MidPoint Technology Group, we are privileged to stand alongside Chris Grollnek, an embodiment of that expertise and an unwavering advocate for secure environments.


With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Chris Grollnek's journey has traversed the heart of law enforcement, where he served as a police officer and a SWAT team member. These roles weren't just titles – they were crucibles where he forged a profound understanding of the far-reaching impacts of active shooter incidents.


Grollnek's influence extends beyond the field, reaching the corridors of consultancy where his insights have illuminated diverse sectors including businesses, schools, churches, government agencies, and private organizations. A virtuoso in vulnerability assessment and comprehensive prevention strategies, Grollnek brings a perspective that is both visionary and pragmatic.


Our partnership with Chris Grollnek isn't just an affiliation – it's a strategic alliance that amplifies our commitment to a safer world. Collaborating with the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC we present a convergence of Grollnek's unparalleled wisdom with our technological ingenuity.


Grollnek's unwavering dedication to education endures. He continues to equip individuals, organizations, and communities with the knowledge to fortify their defenses. As you explore the horizon of active shooter prevention, Chris Grollnek shines as a beacon of insight and innovation.


With MidPoint Technology Group and Chris Grollnek, you don't just find a partner – you discover a visionary ally in your quest for security.


Empower, Elevate, and Envision - Together.

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