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Proactive security measures save lives.

To help you evaluate your current security measures, Midpoint have put together a specific checklist covering various aspects of active shooter prevention and mitigation program. Whether you're a small business owner or a facility manager responsible for a large corporate setting, these considerations are essential for safeguarding your premises and everyone within.


Surveillance Cameras

Are you utilizing surveillance cameras to monitor your premises effectively? They serve as powerful deterrents and aid in capturing critical evidence should an incident occur.


Live Video Monitoring Services

Are you leveraging the power of live video monitoring services? This proactive approach ensures real-time monitoring and immediate response when suspicious activities are detected.


Access Control Systems

How secure is your building's access control? Implementing robust access control systems helps regulate entry, restrict unauthorized access, and provide an audit trail in case of an emergency.


Gun Threat & Gun Shot Detections

Have you invested in advanced systems that can detect and alert authorities to the presence of firearms or gunshots? These technologies can save crucial seconds in emergency response time.


Threat Detection Analytics

How effectively are you leveraging advanced analytics to detect potential threats? These solutions can analyze patterns and behaviors to identify suspicious activities, enabling proactive intervention.


Ballistic Technologies

Have you considered implementing ballistic window film or other protective measures to reinforce vulnerable entry points? These technologies can significantly enhance your facility's resistance to forced entry and ballistic threats.


Audio Solutions

Are you utilizing audio systems to enhance emergency communication capabilities? Clear and concise instructions during critical situations can make a significant difference in guiding employees to safety.


Preparedness & Response

Are you prepared for any security threat that may arise? Are you prepared to protect yourself and those around you? Enhancing security measures is crucial in today's world. Whether it's preventing or responding to an active shooter incident, taking necessary precautions can save lives.

By honestly assessing your organization's current security measures in these key areas, you can identify potential vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to address them. Remember, being prepared is the first line of defense against any threat.


Investing in the safety of your business and community is an investment in their peace of mind. Stay tuned for more valuable insights and resources to help you create a secure environment for all!

Ready to take a full security assessment?

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