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Ballistic-Grade Laminates


Clear Armor has been selected by the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC to be an integral part of the complete ASPP PRO solution. Its dedication to enhancing safety and security perfectly complements ASPP's comprehensive approach. In collaboration, we are revolutionizing security measures, establishing novel benchmarks, and providing a safer future for everyone.

The frequency of active shooter incidents has increased exponentially in recent years, making it essential to take proactive steps towards protecting our schools, workplaces, and public spaces. Clear Armor's world-patented ballistic-grade laminates offer a comprehensive solution to this growing threat. These innovative security laminates provide a safe and secure environment by effectively shielding against multiple threats, such as bullets, explosions, and forced entry attempts.

Clear Armor and Midpoint Technology Group have joined forces in a collaborative effort to save lives through their innovative active shooter prevention solutions. This partnership brings together the expertise and resources of both companies to create a comprehensive program for prevention and mitigation against active shooters.

BECAUSE EVERY SECOND COUNTS in an active shooter situation, Clear Armor and Midpoint are committed to providing immediate and effective defense. Ballistic laminates act as a reliable barrier, buying precious time for individuals to take cover and for authorities to respond. The combination of Clear Armor's expertise in security laminates and Midpoint's cutting-edge technology makes them a powerful force in the fight against active shooters.

By investing in Clear Armor and Midpoint's collaborative efforts, businesses and institutions can take proactive measures to create a safer environment for everyone. Together, they are paving the way for a future where active shooter incidents are prevented, lives are saved, and communities are protected.

15-Mil Security Laminate

15-Mil Security Laminate is a powerful and effective solution for enhancing the security of your windows and glass surfaces. When applied to windows or glass surfaces, the laminate creates a strong bond, essentially turning the glass into a cohesive unit. This means that even if the glass shatters upon impact, the laminate holds the broken pieces together, preventing them from falling apart. The film also provides an added barrier against the penetration of objects or projectiles.

In the event of burglaries or smash-and-grabs, the 15-Mil Security Laminate acts as a deterrent by making it extremely difficult for intruders to gain quick and easy access through windows or glass doors. It significantly slows down their attempts, giving precious time for security measures to kick in or authorities to arrive. It also provides a level of defense against forced entry attempts and active threats like strong winds and bomb blasts. This makes it a versatile and essential security measure for both residential and commercial properties.


31-Mil Security Laminate

31-Mil Security Laminate is a specialized protective film designed to enhance security measures in high-threat situations. This advanced laminate provides a higher level of protection, making it ideal for scenarios such as crowd riots or targeted attacks. 

The 31-Mil Security Laminate consists of multiple layers of strong, flexible materials that are bonded together using a proprietary adhesive. These layers work together to create a barrier that is highly resistant to forceful entry or attacks. The laminate is specifically designed to withstand prolonged attacks and remain intact, providing an added layer of security.

One of the key features of the 31-Mil Security Laminate is its ability to prevent break-ins and deter potential threats. Its robust construction makes it difficult for intruders to penetrate, giving occupants of a building valuable time to respond and seek safety. This is particularly crucial in high-threat situations, where every second counts.

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One-Way Bullet Resistant Laminate

One of the most exciting benefits of one-way bullet-resistant laminate is its ability to allow individuals to fire defensive bullet rounds while remaining shielded from enemy fire. This feature takes self-defense to a whole new level in high-risk environments. With traditional bullet-resistant glass, individuals are protected from incoming rounds, but they are limited in their ability to actively defend themselves. One-way laminate changes the game.

Imagine being trapped in a room during an active shooter event, with the perpetrator just outside the door. With one-way laminate, you can safely fire defensive bullet rounds, potentially incapacitating the threat while remaining behind the protective shield. This not only gives you a fighting chance to defend yourself, but it also creates a powerful deterrent for potential attackers. Knowing that their intended victims have the ability to fight back increases the risk for perpetrators and may discourage them from carrying out their violent intentions.

This active shooter prevention strategy is a game-changer in high-risk environments. It empowers individuals to take control of their own safety and increases the chances of surviving a deadly encounter.

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Because every second counts

Clear Armor's ballistic-grade laminates provide immediate protection, versatility, invisibility, and long-term cost savings.

These advantages make them an essential and superior choice for effective active shooter prevention measures

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